In Partners / BIM Consorzio dei Comuni del Bacino Imbrifero Montano del Piave - Italy

Consorzio BIM Piave Belluno - Italy

Consorzio dei Comuni del Bacino Imbrifero Montano del Piave appartenenti alla Provincia di Belluno (Consorzio BIM Piave Belluno) is a Local Authority which groups 67 Municipalities of Belluno Province. It was established in compliance with the prefect’s decree of December 30th 1955, to implement Law 959/1953. This law entrusts BIM Consortia with the task of favouring the economic and social development of the territory through the joint use of common hydroelectric fees.

Over the years the main target of Belluno Consorzio BIM Piave has been supporting development in different sectors, by helping to build schools, hospitals and other infrastructures, to set up the natural gas pipeline network, and to develop renewable energies. During its first 55 years the Consortium injected subsidies for a total of about 400 million euros into Belluno’s economic fabric.

Role in FOODIE

Consorzio BIM will be involved in pilots’ specification in order to provide a set of requirements taking into account scalability and sustainability, both technical and economical, beyond the pilot phase of FOODIE, as well as in stakeholder’s requirements elicitation in order to provide reliable feedback to all stakeholders involved.

Consorzio BIM will be responsible for the end-users training in Italy, aiming to provide them the acquisition of the necessary knowledge to understand and operate the platform services effectively and productively. The training procedures may include formal classroom training and e-learning through web based platforms. They will also participate in the pilots execution and monitoring to provide a framework for setting up and executing interoperability pilots, so that pilot stakeholders can ensure that it is set up and executed in accordance with FOODIE goals.