In Project / Context and objectives

Context and objectives

The agriculture sector is of strategic importance for European society and economy. Due to its complexity, agri-food operators have to manage many different and heterogeneous sources of information. Agriculture requires collection, storage, sharing and analysis of large quantities of spatially and non-spatially referenced data. These data flows currently present a hurdle to uptake of precision agriculture as the multitude of data models, formats, interfaces and reference systems in use result in incompatibilities. In order to plan and make economically and environmentally sound decisions a combination and management of information is needed.

The key point of FOODIE project is creating a platform hub on the cloud where spatial and non-spatial data related to agricultural sector are available for agri-food stakeholders groups and interoperable. It will offer an infrastructure for the building of an interacting and collaborative network; the integration of existing open datasets related to agriculture; data publication and data linking of external agriculture data sources, providing specific and high-value applications and services for the support of planning and decision-making processes.

FOODIE project is addressed to four basic groups of users:
1. Stakeholders from the agriculture sector as end-users of final applications, including:
a. Farmers
b. Advisory services
c. Service organisation
e. Retail business

2. Public sector for communication with farmers about taxation, subsidies, regulation etc.

3. Researchers for large scale experimentation on real data

4. ICT companies for the development of new applications for agriculture and food sector, mainly using implemented tools, encompassing:
a. SME developers of ICT for agriculture platform
b. Technology producers.

FOODIE platform will contain:

  • Farming data such as maps, sampling data, yield, fertilisation, etc. Some of this data will be obtained from sensors on the farm and will have character of private data.
  • Public Open Data as land satellite images, environment and biodiversity information, agro-food statistical indicators, nature data, hydrometeorlogical data, soil data, etc.
  • Commercial data, mainly VHR satellite images and ortophotos, but it could be also market related data.
  • Voluntary data like OpenStreetMap, voluntary collected data about market situation, agriculture production etc.


FOODIE aims at deliver a cloudcomputing environment. Three types of solutions will be used as software platform:
1. Existing legacy platforms Dokoplant and Prefarm;
2. Existing common open source platform of third parties like Geoserver, Mapserver, North and LayMan;
3. Partner’s assets like Tabels, NetRS and DEWS alerting system.


In order to realize FOODIE concept and the service platform hub, the project pursues the following objectives:

  • Exploiting of existing spatial information resources and services from various domains –coming from different initiatives like INSPIRE, SISE, GMES/Copernicus, GNSS, GALILEO, GEOSS , GBIF, EUNIS, EEA, etc.
  • Designing and creating an open and interoperable geospatial platform hub on the cloud based on existing software components from research results and available solutions in the market;
  • Integrating external agriculture production and food market data using principles of Open Linked Data;
  • Using of open and flexible lightweight Application Programming Interface (API) for the publishing of datasets by private and public stakeholders in the agricultural and environmental area (e.g., datasets provided by local sensor networks deployed in situ in farms, knowledge from farm communities, agricultural services companies, etc.) and making it available in the platform hub as open linked data (and enabling it to further processing and reasoning over it);
  • Availability of specific and high-value applications and services for the support in the planning and decision-making processes of the different stakeholders groups;
  • Providing security mechanisms to prevent the unauthorised access and use of the platform users’ personal information as well as the data published by them;
  • Offering a marketplace where data can be discovered and exchanged with the additional contribute of external companies that can publish their own agricultural applications based on the data, services and applications provided by FOODIE.