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CTIC Foundation - Spain

CTIC Foundation (Centre for the Development of Information and Communication Technologies in Asturias) is a non-profit private organization. It was constituted in 2004 and is an active agent in the industrial development of Asturias, performing technological transferring and encouraging companies to participate in R&D projects. CTIC hosts the Spanish W3C Office and has led the W3C e-Government Activity and other Open Government Initiatives in international contexts. Furthermore, CTIC embraces W3C recommendations and participates in various W3C working groups.

CTIC has carried out more than 30 projects related to open data using W3C Semantic Web and Linked Data standards. CTIC has also produced some relevant technology, such as the Linked Data validator, Vapour (implements W3C best practices to publish reusable open data), Parrot (automatically generates documentation from OWL/RDF vocabularies and DCAT datasets) and Tabels (facilitates the adoption of Linked Data practices to make publicly available research-relevant datasets). In addition, CTIC has worked with local SMEs to apply computer vision technologies to different problems: from analysis of clouds to emotional reactions recognition. Regarding the food sector, CTIC has participated in Infoternera, a national research project intended to improve the tracking of veal meat during the whole distribution chain.

Role in FOODIE

CTIC will focus its participation in the application of semantic technologies to gather and integrate open data and in-situ sensor networks, computer vision techniques to process landscape images and dynamic data visualizations to help in decision-making and evaluation processes. CTIC will also contribute to the architecture specification and the identification of relevant datasets to the project. It will provide some technology to be integrated within the platform and to be used in the FOODIE pilot cases deployment. Finally, as a research centre, it will play an important role in dissemination activities, especially those related with scientific and technological communication.