In Project / Impact and expected outcomes

Impact and expected outcomes


  • Increase substantially the exploitation opportunities for open GI. Open GI data exchange could become via FOODIE easy as well as the governments will more and more understand that it is not their target to host data but to make them available that better decisions are done based on their data.
  • Facilitate market entry of new companies, and the development of innovative services. FOODIE will encourage SMEs to seize the novel business opportunities offered by FOODIE platform infrastructure and develop products on top of it. These products will use the existing data sources available in the platform and may integrate them with other datasets in their possession to provide specialized services.


  • FOODIE service platform will make use of existing spatial information resources and services. It will also provide an open API that will allow the stakeholders to access to different data sources and agricultural advisory services in order to foster better decision-making processes. And it will enable businesses and SMEs specialized in the agricultural domain to build innovative solutions and services for their customers.
  • FOODIE will enable and incentivize the creation of high-value applications and services for the support in the planning and decision-making processes of different stakeholders groups, through its open, standards-based and interoperable agricultural specialized platform hub on the cloud. In addition, FOODIE will provide reward mechanisms for data sharing in order to incentivize external data providers to bring their data sets to the platform.
  • FOODIE project will enable farmers to provide their own data by the provision of easy to use crowdsourcing tools and applications that encapsulate the complexity of the underlying services technology. For instance, this could be a mobile or web application that offers a form with fields for collecting specific information from his farm or a wizard application that allows him to configure with a few “clicks” the sensor system within its farm to send periodically the observations to FOODIE platform.