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 22 February 2017

Spanish Pilot (M36)

After ending the Proof-of-Concept, Test and Production stages, the Spanish Pilot has finished its development. There have been significant improvements on the FOODIE dashboard, in the last months. Now it is highly customizable and it counts with a complete group of widgets, pieces of advance visualization software for planning agricultural interventions and for supporting the decision making processes. All the services required by the new features of the dashboard have been finished as well.
The Dashboard is customizable by holding, has a widget configuration palette and a layout configuration. These are the features that will help the vine growers:
- Registration & Visualization of Management Zones
- Validation of Management Zones
- Display Data from Agro-meteorological In-field Stations
- Display Vegetation Indices
- Yield Forecasting & Harvesting Date Recommendation
- Registration & Visualization of Treatments & Treatments Plans
- Show Information of Production
- Display Choropleth Map
- Display Marketplace Recently Added Products

The Mobile App is a very important tool for the farmers, giving them the capacity to react and take decisions fast and accurate, by means of the different functionalities that offer:
- Visualization of Management Zones
- Register & Visualization of Annotations
- Display of Alerts & Notifications
- Summary & Details of Pruning
- Summary & Details of Treatments

Now the service is almost ready to begin its operations. SmartV is a web-based solution that provides advisory services in different aspects related to winegrowing, like disease prevention, production estimation or harvesting schedule. The cloud infrastructure allows providing the best service (available everywhere, no installation needed, always updated…). It also stores historical information about the status of the vineyard, and the actions carried out to exploit it in a future to get the best results. We provide a unique solution for the farmers, where they can get all the functionalities needed for the proper management of the vineyard.

All the valuable information now manually managed by the farmer, difficult to collect and analyze is now accessible in a fast, easy and usable way. (S)He can also reduce the application of phytosanitary products to be more sustainable, or plan ahead a possible grape acquisition in a better position.
To sum up, SmartV will help customers to make the best management decisions based on the processing of heterogeneous information collected from different sources, resulting in better economical results and environmental benefits.


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