In News / Italian Sub Pilot (M36)
 22 February 2017

Italian Sub Pilot (M36)

The Italian sub pilot was focused on two main tasks:

- Sharing local GIS information on the FOODIE platform as orthophotos; geological, hydrological, vegetation; crops data; forest distribution, soil type; 1747 alpine farms POI (Point Of Interest).
- GPS Cows tracking and real time cows tracing on alpine pastures.

GPS cows tracking addresses the needs of alpine farmers to control livestock during summertime period, when they keep the cows on high mountains pastures. GPS Cows tracking is a versatile tool that can be adopted by any farmer who needs to take control over the livestock, being aware of the precise place animals are grazing. In some case the tool helps searching for the lost animals.

The system also provides farmers with statistical data and reports on livestock movement and in particular: average distance travelled (per day, week, and month), difference in height travelled (per day, week, and month), and most frequented areas. Together Wirelessinfo and Consorzio BIM developed a prototype of GPS Cow collar that was tested during last autumn and now has reached version 2.0. One of the main bottlenecks we detected during the use case implementation was the durability of the neckband and its components. Indeed, one of the monitored cows attempted to release the devices from the neckband. The tested neckband was developed by the two project partners and it comprises on the top a box containing RFID chip, GNSS receiver and GPRS modem and powered by two small solar panels. This use case may also have educational scopes making geospatial science more appealing to new generations of students, through gamification. Indeed, students from primary school in Belluno (IT) province were provided with access to the FOODIE use case. In this way, they have monitored his/her own cow and learn more about its behaviour. 

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