In News / German Pilot (M36)
 22 February 2017

German Pilot (M36)

This pilot focused on a regional model that integrated farm management, logistics with mobile communication, mobile GIS and link to the new Sentinel images including NDVI chlorophyll based growth index. It involved 32 machine cooperatives in the Southern part of Germany, in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Hessen. The participating cooperatives had Farmer´s Management System. The governmental LPIS (Land Parcel Information System) data have been integrated and the transfer of "Precise farming maps" was also implemented. All farmers could be linked in parallel to the logistic system through their Farm Management System. Beside LPIS data, the orthoimages of Microsoft BING from 2011-2012-2013 flights with 30 cm resolution and 1 m vertical precision were embedded. These images have been certified for the use in agricultural IACS also by JRC/Ispra from the EC. Further we tested the Open Transport Map (OTM) – based on the OSM (Open Street Map concept) - to setup a rural road network model for an entire machine cooperative including attributive data to describe the road in detail with width, pavement, bridges and tons-restrictions etc. This road network will be used for route optimization. Accessing the FOODIE Platform users are able to download, in less than a minute, the entire the entire WinGIS system including the installation on a local PC or a laptop or tablet. Should the internet connection is difficult the possibility to download or later upload data to the cloud or a server when the communication is available is provided, allowing the transfer of data to the cloud automatically. Beside the access to BING maps, the LPIS data are transferred and used and access to Sentinel II images from the EC Copernicus project as well as a German wide access to with 5 days upgrade calculated NDVI index – growth index based on chlorophyll data - could be transferred on the laptops or tablets of users.

Data source used was:
- LPIS governmental data, only with the approval of the participating farmers.
- Microsoft´s MS BING images with 30 cm resolution ortho-images certified by the JRC.
- Sentinel and NDVI with the mentioned 5 days update frequency.
- OSM/OTM maps for rural road networks.

ore datasets from FMM, past harvest maps, future planning, soil maps, geological maps other satellite images like soil moisture data etc. can be integrated if available as open data or from FMM systems as detailed fundament for precision farming recommendations.