In News / Turkish Sub Pilot (M36)
 22 February 2017

Turkish Sub Pilot (M36)

The Turkish Scenario aimed at integrating geographical data about pasture/grasslands provided by Central Public Offices. Agricultural area in Turkey is around 49% of the total territory and pastures about 28%. Land quality and climate favour animal farming in Turkey; however small scaled and scattered organization and traditional techniques decrease the productivity and destroying the pastures. A sustainable animal farming can be achieved by integrating ecological, financial and farming data.
Current resources have been inventoried to achieve this integration. Collection of pasture/grassland data started with the initiation of the law on pastures no 4342 of Turkey that defines the basic procedures and rules for the allocation of pastures to farmers. Pasture boundaries were defined and the following tasks have been carried out:
- Supervision of Pasture Occupation: Since pasture land cannot be used for any other purpose, detection of any buildings or any different types of vegetation is necessary.
Rehabilitation of Pastures: Soil quality and ingredients were analysed.
Determination of Boundaries: According to the law, pasture boundaries should be renewed every five years. Therefore is necessary to detect and compare pasture boundaries.
Quantity and Quality of vegetation of Pastures: As the quality and quantity of vegetation of pastures have a direct effect on animal farming productivity, several vegetation indices were utilized.