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 02 November 2016

Spanish Pilot Progress! (M32)

After ending the Proof-of-Concept and the Test stages, the Spanish Pilot is facing the Production stage which includes significant improvements on the FOODIE dashboard. Now it is highly customizable for each agricultural exploitation and it will count with a new bunch of widgets, pieces of advance visualization software for planning agricultural interventions and for supporting the decision making processes.

Both CTIC and SERESCO have been currently working on the development of the new widgets and SERESCO has been also implementing the new services required by the new features of the dashboard.

The most important new features incorporated are:
- Registration and Validation of Management Zones.
- A Visual Interface for Yield Forecasting and Recommendation of Dates for Harvesting.
- Registration of Treatments and Treatment Plans.

Regarding the on-field activities in the TERRAS GAUDA vineyards, the harvesting has just finished and, although the yield is not very high, there are excellent prospects in quality. The workers gather with extreme care the grapes, in order not to damage the product. We will soon have data about the yield production, which will be used for
validating the grape yield forecasting model based on our machine learning algorithms.

It will be very interesting for tuning the model and improve next predictions.

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