In News / Czech Pilot Progress! (M32)
 02 November 2016

Czech Pilot Progress! (M32)

Year 2016 is the last vegetation period of the Czech pilot farm in Trsice covered by FOODIE project. For this reason, the validation of satellite periodic monitoring and telematics of farm machinery has been started. A main effort of WIRELESSINFO team in Scenario C is focused on the evaluation of Yield potential zones within the field crops, which define the field variability from time-series satellite data.

The evaluation is based on the comparison with the crop growth status identified during the vegetation period by Sentinel 2A and Landsat 8 imagery and available yield data recorded by agronomist. The results of evaluation will be presented in the final period of the project.

In Telematics of Farm Machinery scenario Wirelessinfo continued with integration of Management Zones (Yield Potential Zones) and data from machinery monitoring.
As more farms have been added, which consequently resulted in increasing amount of data, it is necessary to focus on optimizing performance.

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