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 02 November 2016

German Pilot Progress! (M32)

35 machine cooperatives worked with WinGIS and more than 100 with mobGIS firstly on laptops and then using tablet-PCs on machines like harvesters and pickup. After the upgrade they also received training for two new tools that PROGIS will offer after the project end, in addition to the existing machine cooperatives.

Moreover, the model for Precision Farming has been improved by:
• Upgrading WinGIS as Windows 10 compatible version.
• Launching Mobile GIS app on WinPhone (Windows mobile).
• Open Transport Map (ATM) on OSM (Open Street Map) for a rural road network.
• Sentinell II NDVI + SDK (Software Development Kit) for software-houses.
• Developing a pattern recognition tool “IDIMA” (= IDentification of IMAges) ready by January 2017.
• Gathering first test-results with Phablets (Tablets+smart phones+Windows 10) that will be available in the next weeks.

Let’s focus on Open Transport Map, Sentinel II and NDVI and IDIMA – IDentification of IMAges description.

Open Transport Map: the basic module has been done during the FOODIE project by WRLS as an upgrade to OSM, linked to WinGIS and enabled the possibility to setup a rural road map with precise attribute definition. It has to be maintained by an organization – e.g. Machine Cooperatives - that on a bottom up level also maintains the datasets, e.g. heavy rain and not to use today, or work on this road until a special date etc. Besides agriculture the same tool will be tested for further use in forestry.

Sentinel II and NDVI: Further Sentinel 2 tool including NDVI index (worldwide use) is ready for use during November 2016 – February 2017 at all cooperatives interested to take part. They will use WinGIS, BING maps (JRC-certified) and Sentinel tools including NDVI for a period also after the end of FOODIE project. During the project lifetime PROGIS will get feedback about usability of the tools.

IDIMA – IDentification of IMAges: Cooperatives will also get end of the year an IDIMA WinGIS enhancement for pattern recognition. The three modules are: (1) «RASTER» - carries out the processing and preparation of remote sensing data for calculations and creation of the classifier; (2) «IDIMA» – creates automatic structure (classification) of digital image and raster thematic layers of vegetation, with the direct participation of the Adjuster; (3) «VECTOR» - makes the vectorization of thematic layers and exporting to shape files.

Out of three sensors – R, G, B – (1) a new image is created with better “resolution” for interpretation. Then (2) the different structures are searched automatically and (3) put into different WinGIS layers and automatically digitized.


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