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PROGIS GmbH - Austria

PROGIS Software GmbH is a GIS-software developing expert, dedicated to the developments of applications for the rural area-sector. Based on the core-product WinGIS, a Windows based object oriented GIS, PROGIS is offering a wide range of applications for agriculture, forestry, ecology and rural area management. Included are tools for logistics, community management, utility management, GeoInfotainment, precision farming and virtual farming.

PROGIS pursues holistic solutions and considers the whole production chain from the farmer up to the end-user. Next to turnkey solutions for single users, PROGIS is offering solutions for regional industries, advisory services and integrated solutions for regions and complete countries. Next to ICT-technolgies, PROGIS provides consulting services for the a.m. rural area sectors.


The company has been founded in 1994 and is located in Villach. The consulting office exists since 1983. After a ten years lasting developing phase and huge investments, PROGIS reached the leadership within the growing IT-sector “rural area”, comprising agriculture, forestry and ecological planning.

Role in FOODIE

As a software developer, the PROGIS contribution related to the SaaS platform for supporting crop monitoring is the participation for the determination in system specifications, designing and connection platform activities. Further the whole PROGIS ICT for the forest/farm- and land management, available as desktop solutions, like the:

  • GIS-System
  • FMIS as well as the integrated expert database
  • Logistics including the Nokia Bing App (mobile phone unit)
  • Environment- and Risk management

have to be embedded and adapted, or represent the base for a new to be developed application (especially analytical tool) on the specific SaaS platform.
Further PROGIS will support beside the integration of Microsoft Bing images also the integration of other maps into that SaaS platform. Further a rural street map as open street map, by its worldwide available can be integrated on top.
PROGIS act as well as system integrator whereby an overall communication exchange between the adapted ICTs (from PROGIS) and further application services in the SaaS environment can be developed by other partners based on the existing SDK.