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PSNC – Poland

Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center was established in 1993 by the State Committee for Scientific Research. PSNC is responsible for the management of the countrywide Polish National Research and Educational Network (NREN) built on PSNC’s own fibres with 10GE technology. From the very beginning PSNC served as an HPC service provider, the operator of Poznan Metropolitan Area Network (POZMAN) and a network services provider.

PSNC has several active computer science research and development groups working on such aspects as: digital media services, digital libraries, ontology engineering and semantic web technologies, mobile user support technologies and services, telemedicine and e-health, application portals, Grid portals (Network Services Department); tools for network management, optical networks and QoS management (Networking Department); middleware, tools and methods for Grid computing, resource management for Grids, large scale Grid applications (Application Department); user accounting on the Grid, Grid security mechanisms and policies, Grid fabric management tools (Supercomputing Department). PSNC has participated in over 50 projects funded by EU commission.

Role in FOODIE

PSNC will lead service platform integration and deployment in cloud infrastructure activities. PSNC will lead the tasks for integration and deployment of the platform in a cloud infrastructure, the construction of a virtual market place and the semantic annotation and linked data generation.