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Seresco, S.A. - Spain

Seresco is a Spanish company engaged in the development of software solutions and the provision of services within the scope of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Founded in 1969, it now has over 500 professionals across its centres in Madrid, Barcelona, Asturias and Galicia.

Today Seresco constitutes an important professional service group ranging from consultancy to software development, including the integration of management solutions, human resources or technical assistance in critical environments. Seresco also has specialised divisions in the training and cartographic service areas.

From its experience and knowledge, Seresco offers the integration of all resources and a personalised treatment throughout the entire project, decisively contributing towards an increase in profitability and value to the client. Its commitment to service, results and time periods, is the main corporate value of Seresco.

The client portfolio of Seresco is made up by organisations in all kinds of sector, together with different bodies from the Public Administrations. Seresco has carried out a wide policy of alliances with companies such as Microsoft, Oracle or SAP with which its keeps both commercial and technological agreements.

Role in FOODIE

Seresco's principal activity in the project will be focused on pilots’ conduction, leading the the definition, execution and evaluation of the pilot applications. Seresco will also contribute, with lower intensity, to other tasks such as the initial Service specifications and in the dissemination and exploitation activities.