What Is Viticulture – Learn About the History

Viticulture is the process of growing or in other words, the cultivation of grapes that are used for making wine. Anything that happens in the vineyard is essentially part of viticulture. The earliest evidence of cultivation of grapevine for making wine dates back 8,000 years. There seems to be substantial evidence suggesting that humans used […]

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Cloud Computing

3 Technologies That Help Aid Agriculture

Agriculture is a sector that has benefited from the impact of technology just as every sector. Farmers depend on IT for several reasons; not just in managing operations of the farm. In fact, information technology has completely changed the way in which farmers manage livestock and crops. To summarize, such e-Agriculture is a new phenomenon […]

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4 Key Benefits of AgTech for Farmer Co-ops

Agricultural value chains become complete only when the role of farmer cooperatives are placed right. Every ag co-op has employees working under it to improve the position of a farmer in the entire picture of a value chain. Climate change, the shift of generation, and tough market conditions were the factors that led to the […]

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High-flex Tires

3 Innovative Technologies Changing The Agriculture Sector

High-flex Tires Farm equipment is becoming bigger so that farmers can cover more acres faster. However, this means more weight gets added to the vehicles, which can potentially lead to soil compaction. Soil compaction can reduce crop yields. In order to tackle this issue, tyre makers are developing novel tyre technologies to distribute the weight […]

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4 Latest Technologies In The Agriculture Sector

The adoption of technologies in precision agriculture in recent years has been changing the ways farmers manage fields and treat crops. One does not have to be an expert to see how farming technology has made it more efficient, profitable, safer, and straightforward. Farmers have picked out a few technologies they deem to be the […]

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