3 Technologies That Help Aid Agriculture

Agriculture is a sector that has benefited from the impact of technology just as every sector. Farmers depend on IT for several reasons; not just in managing operations of the farm. In fact, information technology has completely changed the way in which farmers manage livestock and crops. To summarize, such e-Agriculture is a new phenomenon and is here to stay. It is dramatically changing the process of farming and food production.

Cloud Computing for Farm Management

Cloud computing is an application that farmers can definitely use to manage crops and their business better through an application called Saas or software-as-a-service. Start-up firms are developing business applications in this sector that are specifically useful to the agricultural sector. Some of these applications are created such that farmers can create operational schedules and budgets as per production plans. Software created specifically for farming is available, through which greater efficient workforce management has been achieved. Work plans that go against the weather forecasts can also be made, and the progress related to it monitored. Data integration techniques and mobile task management tools are now available that will measure production and machine operations. Apart from these tools, there are also several analytics software tools that help farmers track production yields, costs and profits against fixed benchmark values. Even though this technology is used in many other sectors, in this case, it is optimized specifically for farm production. Cloud-based agricultural services for farmers give better access to crucial information anytime, anywhere.


Mobile Technology

Monitoring and evaluation have been completely revolutionized, thanks to better smartphone technology. What used to be done on paper can now be done more efficiently through smartphones and tablets. There are applications that are specifically designed to help field teams collect data. It also has provisions for real-time data collection, which can send relevant updates through the mobile to field teams, updating them on the latest assignments. The reason why this is viable is that fast cellular networks are increasingly becoming easily available and not to mention, is also the most cost-effective way to give data access on the field.

RFID and Security Technologies


Radio Frequency Identification RFID is the technology used for agricultural security and tracking. For instance, livestock can now be easily tracked using ‘livestock tracking tags’ equipped with the RFID technology mentioned above. This can be useful in tracking cattle on a daily or even hourly basis and can be used for monitoring the health and keeping an important database of the health history of each animal. In addition, during the shipment of crops, especially certified organic crops, using this innovative technology helps to cut down on counterfeit or impure food shipments thanks to its security tagging.

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